Information Signage – Floor Directories


  • Helps sighted people as well as people with visual impairments to navigate through the building.

Use: Indoor


Material: Acrylic

Size: 450mm x 600mm

Base plate: 6mm – 9mm  thick blue acrylic, non glare

Text: Upper Case San Serif words made of white acrylic non glare cut out letters of height 15mm raised 0.8mm above base plate and the equivalent word/s written in Hindi with Devnagri non glare acrylic letters of height 15mm raised 0.8mm above base plate.


Upper Case San Serif words made of self adhesive computer cut vinyl letters stuck on the base plate

Symbol: White cut out acrylic and raised by 1 to 2mm above base plate.


Computer cut Vinyl Self Adhesive Symbols

Braille: Grade 1 Braille consisting of raised domes of 1.5 to 1.6mm dia. and spacing in compliance with Braille standards given by GOI, integral with the sign face, raised 0.6 to 0.9mm above base plate.



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